Field Day

Field Day
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*** The wait is almost over!  Field Day is being aged right now to re-emerge in its 2nd season April 19, 2022! ***

Grass-fed cow’s milk rounds, aged 45-60 days, Field Day is the star of our spring season selection.

Field Day is cave-aged on beds of rye straw. The rinds are washed with an infusion of the straw, to impart color, tannins, aromatic compounds and natural flora. As it ages, the cheese develops a colorful rind ranging from yellow to orange and pink, covered with white dusting and occasional dark gray mottling. The interior turns supple, moist, and develops random small eyes.

It gets you with funky aromas of fields, cellar, hay, and cabbage on the outside, but once you are in ...expect a beautifully light milky, buttery, and fruit-forward flavor with a hint of mushroom. This is a great showcase of the local spring season PA milk and some very happy cows grazing on fresh pastures.

Sold in 4 oz (min) wedges.