Field Day
Field Day

Field Day

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Made for a short window of early spring, Field Day captures a snapshot in time, when cows are fed hay with early spring grass. We age it on beds of rye straw for 45-60 days, and rinds are washed with an infusion of that very rye. By mid-season, Field Day is ready.

On the outside, there are funky aromas of fields, cellar, grass, and hay, but dig in to be welcomed by beautifully light milky, buttery, and fruit-forward savor, with a hint of mushroom. The interior is supple and fine with small holes that form when aromatic gases push through. The mottled rind colors and aromas from the straw put you out in the field. This is a great showcase of the local spring season PA milk and some very happy cows grazing on fresh pastures. Field day makes an excellent melter too!

Field Day is a large wheel so it is sold in pre-cut wedges of 4.5 oz.
Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured whole milk, traditional enzyme, salt.

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