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Atlantis, true to its fantastical maritime namesake, is a semi soft cheese with rind that is washed in our local Atlantic Ocean seawater which were infused with various edible local North Atlantic seaweed varieties.
Atlantis is cellar-aged 45-60 days, during which the rind develops a kaleidoscope of colors that contrasts the light speckles of seaweed dusted on the rind. It's not just about looks; as the cheese ages, the natural glutamine in the seaweed imparts deep umami flavor. The act of rind washing gives life to cultures that break down the proteins and acids, resulting in an interior that is supple and neutral from the rind inwards.


Atlantis is beachy, with light sea-like salinity. It is herbacous and gives out notes of apples and cabbage. Easygoing and very approachable, the funk is never over the top. A great example of highlighting the traits of fantastic grass-fed summer and fall milk and our North-Atlantic maritime..
When young, the inner center core will still be more acidic and crumbly, sort of a cheese trapped within another cheese! When at full age it is supple throughout

Serve, Pair, & Use

As with other aged cheeses, Atlantis is best at room temperature. Position it near the center selection of a cheese plate as it is a very balanced, firmer cheese. It is best served in halved thin wedges so every person gets to have equal amount of rind and variety of paste from the sides and the center.

It is great on its own ot in a sandwich or tartine, or even melted. Pairs well with cured meats, baguette or neutral crisps. Green olives, crunchy cornichons or go for sweet contrast with fruit preserve, chutney, or qince paste.

Keep & Care

Wrap well. If keeping for long time use a breathable cheese paper. Refrigerate in your deli compartment and consume within 7 days of opening. Atlantis may be stable well beyond that but a good sign that it is degrading would be browning of the paste beneath the rind. It is still safe to eat but would be unpleasant.


Cultured whole milk, natural enzyme (French calf rennet), salt, seaweed. Allergens: Milk
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