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Moonrise is a fun, approachable, pocket sized washed-rind cheese. While the orange rind and supple interior may look typical to the style, this one has a characteristics of anything but. We use a rare technique of blending enzymes from traditional rennet with those of cardoon artichoke thistle flowers, to cpture proteins in a totally different manner that brings out herbacious and meaty characteristics with beautifully silky texture.


Creamy, and balanced. Grassy, meaty notes with a touch of smokyness and amaro, cabbage and stewed apples. Moonrise is a fantastic melter.

Serve & Pair

Moonrise should be served at room temperature to allow its comppounds to come out of hiding and work together best. It's versitile and easy to pair: Neutral flatbread, baguette or sourdough make great platform. Smoked meats and cornichons work well for savory pairing. Apples and pears. On your cheese plate, arrange it in the middle, between lighter cheese (chèvre, bloomy rinds, and alpines) and heavier flavors (big stinkers or blues). Pairs well as well as cider or perry, calvados, or applejack. White crisp riesling or Sauvingon Blanc, white Bordeaux or Champagne.

Cooking with

Fantastic melter and perfect for Tartiflette, a traditional alpine winter dish: Sweat onions and ham with white wine (replace ham for smoked Salmon for Tartiflette-Royalle), layer in a baking dish with parboiled potatoes. Cut the cheese horizontally and put both halves on top. Bake for 30 minutes at 350ºF. Whoa!

Keep & Care

Refrigerate in your deli drawer. Moonrise is stable for 3-4 weeks unopened, but it will continue to ripen in the fridge. Cheese paper is best to keep it breathing


Cultured whole milk, enzymes (French calf rennet, Cardoon artichoke thistle), salt. Allergens: Milk
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