The Real Philly Schmear

The Real Philly Schmear
The Real Philly Schmear
The Real Philly Schmear
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Our Real Philly Schmear Cheese boasts an old-world tang and rich buttermilky flavor with silky, airy texture that highlights the beauty of fresh, local grass-fed milk. Making it year-round, we follow the seasons, so it dynamically highlights different flavor characteristics as the seasons change. Real milk changes with the seasons, but one thing that remains constant: this cheese is always delicious!

Made with only cultured milk, natural enzyme, and salt, it is packed with layered flavor. Legally, we cannot call it "cream cheese" as we don't use cream... well woopdidoo! Aren't you lucky? So much more flavor with 2/3 less butterfat, twice the protein and calcium of cream cheese! Heck it's even live probiotic! No waxy pasty additive-laden stuff here! And oh, unlike that other stuff, this is actually made in Philadelphia.

Sold in 7 oz / 200g tubs.


Layered buttermilk-like tang placed against reach butter notes and a stable aerated texture that stands up to it. Silky and smooth. Never waxy, pasty or greasy. Perfectly spreadable.

Serve, Pair, & Use

Have The Real Philly plain, on a bagel, toast or crackers. Go fancy on a cheese board with a drizzle of honey. Make dips, schmears, and salad dressings with it. Mix it with fruits, nuts, and preserves. Roll it in herbs or spices, drop a dollop on creamy soup. Use for baking as savory or sweet fillings, for frosting, cheesecake, even as an ice cream base!

Keep & Care

Refrigerate in your main compartment. Consume within 7 days of opening. The Real Philly Schmear is stable and would not degrade for at least 2 weeks when unopened. By the third week the texture may flatten. We suggest to discard at that point.


Cultured whole milk, natural enzyme (French calf rennet), salt. Allergens: Milk
We ship cheese once a week for all orders received by Wednesday at 5pm.
Shipping: On Thursdays via UPS Next Day Air.
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