The Real Philly Schmear

The Real Philly Schmear
The Real Philly Schmear
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"Perry's Schmear tastes better than anything you'll find in a block—and it's actually made in Philly" -Food & Wine

BRONZE medal at the 125th International Cheese Awards in the UK, 2022

The Real Philly Schmear is an incredibly versatile spreadable cheese! Have it plain, on a bagel or toast, with toppings, or drizzled with honey on a cheese board. Use it for dips, fillings, cheesecakes, frostings, or ice cream ...endless savory or sweet possibilities!

Made with whole milk, not cream, The Real Philly Schmear has only 1/3 the butterfat and 2X the protein and calcium of cream cheese.

This love child of American Cream Cheese and French Fromage Blanc is packed with old-world tang and creamy depth, folded into a light, airy texture; never waxy or pasty. The slow culturing and draining truly brings out all the qualities of our gorgeous grass-fed milk.

Wholesome to its core, The Real Philly Schmear is made with only cultured milk, natural enzyme, and salt. Zero additives, period.

...And yes, unlike that other "Philadelphia", we actually make ours in Philly!

"the closest thing I’ve tasted in flavor to that familiar cream cheese profile but with a hint more tang". -The Inquirer

8 fl-oz / 237g min. BPA-free recyclable polypropylene tub.
Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured whole milk, natural enzyme, salt. Allergens: MILK

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