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BRONZE at the World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 in Wales

Toasted is a compact puck of lactic-set bloomy-rind cheese with a twist. We toss crushed wild oregano and sage onto its surface and torch it. This burns the aromatic herbs and releases some of their essential oils into the cheese while slightly browning the cheese surface. Each puck is then cave-age to form a delicate white rind (with occasional blue or green speckles) that grows to encase the toasted surface.

The result? A super approachable fun cheese. Light, herbaceous, buttery, and slightly tangy with a bit of campfire in every bite. Perfect to enjoy around a campfire or pair with smoky meats and spirits.

Sold in entire mini wheels, 3 oz each min.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured whole milk, natural enzyme (French calf rennet), salt, wild oregano, (Origanum vulgare and/or Origanum Syriaca), garden sage (Salvia officinalis). Allergens: Milk
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