Perrystead Treehug

 Coming, this holiday season: Treehug.

This super-limited production will debut with our Thanksgiving box! Treehug is a cow’s milk fudgy goodness that’s wrapped in tree bark, giving it resiny-piney flavors, tannins, and aromas of holiday magic. A whiff at the bark will instantly transport you to the forest floor, when mushrooms pop out right after the rain, in the true character of the season!

This beauty is bathed repeatedly with dry Cassis Blanc wine that sweetens its aromas and gives it an extra flamboyant pigmentation.

Wrapping the sidewall of fudgy winter cheese with bark is an old-world tradition that dates centuries. Cows who spent long summers on lucious alpine mountaintops were returned to their owners in the lowlands for the cold season. The winter milk, being too rich and hay-fed, was considered inferior caused the cheese to collapse into goo which was not marketable. Owners would wrap it with rigid bark to protect it from collapse and use it to feed their families in the winter. As history would have it, today bark-wrapped cheeses are a limited seasonal luxury that cheese fans await for in anticipation. We have our own take on it, using different cultures and bathing technique. We are working on transitioning the bark to strictly native trees of our region, which produce different maturation cultures and flavor compounds

Treehug is best served at room temperature and can be eaten in wedges, or by peeling off the top rind to dig in the fudgy paste. Even better, it can be baked in its bark and spooned over potatoes, cured meats, or crusty baguettes. Serve it with crunchy cornichons or fruit preserves. The tree bark should be discarded as it is not edible