Field Day

Perrystead Field Day

*** Season is over for this beauty. The last wheel has been sold! ***

Grass-fed spring season cow’s milk rounds, aged for two months, making out our late-spring to late-summer selection.

Field Day wheels are cave-aged on beds of rye straw. The rinds are initially washed with an infusion of the straw, imparting color, tannins, aromatic compounds and some beneficial rind flora that develops color and break down acid, proteins and fat in a very polite manner. As it ages, it develops a colorful rind of yellow, orange, and pink, covered with white dusting and occasional dark gray mottling. The interior turns supple and moist, while developing random small eyes.

Towards the end of aging, it gets you with funky aromas of fields, cellar, sulfur, mushroom and cabbage on the outside, but once you are in ...expect a lighter milder flavor exposing some of the sweetness of the milk. Milky, buttery, and fruit-forward, this is a great showcase of the local spring season PA milk.

Sold in entire wheels for cutting by the merchant or a restaurant.