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Treehug, our cold season special, made November thru April is pure fudgy goodness. It is wrapped in belts of Spruce tree bark, a centuries old tradition for cold season cheese. This beauty is bathed repeatedly in brine which allows the bark to culture the cheese rind and add flavor complexity and flamboyant pigmentation, ranging from powdery snow to flaming orange.


Treehug has a rind that can be broken or torn to reveal supple interior. It's fudgy, buttery, meaty, and pleasantly savory. Thanks to the spruce bark belting, there are pronounced resiny-piney flavors, color of tannins, and smoky, toasty aromas. A whiff at the bark itself will instantly transport you to the forest floor, when mushrooms pop out right after the rain, in the true character of the season. Treehug melts easily. See optional baking instructions below on this page.

Serve, Pair, & Use

Serve: Like all aged cheeses, Treehug is best at room temperature. This is a celebratory cheese that can be used as centerpiece of a cheeseplate.

While it can be eaten in wedges, this requires cutting through the inedible bark, so typically such cheese is served by scoring the top rind across the center to peel off half the top and dig right into the fudgy paste with a spoon or spreader.

Better yet... bake your Treehug to an ooey gooey Fondue-like consistency to spoon over potatoes, cured meats, crusty baguettes or crisps. Serve with crunchy cornichons or cut through the richness with fruit preserves.

The rinds of all our cheesesd are always edible but the tree bark is not.

Pair: With Jura or Savoie whites such as Roussette, or with Beaujolais, Champagne, or unoaked American Chardonnay.

Try baking It!

To bake, cup the entire cheese with aluminum foil. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350ºF. Slice half the top rind and spoon over crisps, crusty baguette, boiled new potatoes, cornichons, cured meats, or a sweet marmalade, or similar.
Do not remove or cut off the bark as it will keep it together and form a "box" for it as it toasts with the cheese.

Optional: Make a crevice in the top rind first and fill it with dry white wine or Kirsch, to turn it into a Fondue! See how it's done here!

Keep & Care

Refrigerate in your deli compartment. Consume within 7 days of opening. Treehug is stable and would not degrade for at least 2 weeks when unopened. Beyond this point, we suggest to test it before discarding. The cheese would not spoil but would degrade, dry and turn unpleasent over time.


Cultured whole milk, natural enzyme (French calf rennet), salt, spruce bark. Allergens: Milk
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