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BRONZE at the World Cheese Awards 2022-2023 in Wales

Pure fudgy goodness, Treehug is our top cheese and cold season special, sold only Nov-May.

Strapped in belts of spruce bark, a centuries-old cold season cheese tradition, it develops a rich flavorful character and exceptional texture thanks to the naturally high lipids and proteins in winter milk, long cold aging, and rind washing. The bark’s aroma is reminiscent of mushrooms on the forest floor after a rain. Its biodiversity pigments the rind in a variety of mottled colorful spots.

Beneath the rind, there is a spoonable savory interior that’s fudgy and buttery, with complex notes of wood sap and a hint of smoked meat

Serve this centerpiece at room temperature and dig in from the top rind while keeping the bark strap in place to hold it together. Better yet -Bake as quick super-fondue! (In a ramekin or aluminum foil. 15-20 min. at 350ºF. Peel top rind and mix. Optional: Poke a hole in the top rind before baking and fill with 1 tbsp white wine.)
Your guests will delight in spooning this ooey-gooey treat over veggies, pickles, baguettes, or cured meats. Great paired with fruit preserves too!

The rinds of all our cheeses are always edible but the tree bark is not.

Sold in entire wheels, 8oz min.
Ingredients: Pasteurized cultured whole milk, natural enzyme (French calf rennet), salt, spruce bark. Allergens: Milk

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